Friday, November 04, 2005

Yuyaonsen (part 2)

When I studied in Okazaki 3 years ago, I went with some friends for a hike starting at the town of Yuyaonsen, a 2 hour train ride from Okazaki (Blog entry from that hike is here). I went back again with a friend today. We hoped to see the trees Turning colors, but turned out to be a little early. We did find a few trees that had changed colors, but these were rather rare.

We did have a good hike. Started at town, and climbed to Horaiji temple (though it seems to have the same name as the one in nara, it is not the same temple). This time we climbed past the temple and up to the ridge, for an extra 5 kilometers or so. Then went back to the town, had lunch, and found an onsen we could go into (but for some reason, decided not to - we really should have).

Did find an interesting vending machine on our way back. Japan is know for having vending machines for most everything. Close to our school is a liquor store that has 3 vending machines outside that sell beer and sake. Hotels often have machines that sell underwear, ties, and various toiletries. Today we found one that sells onsen water for about a dollar per 100 liters (bring your own container).


岡崎で3年前の勉強のとき、友だちと湯谷温泉町から山歩きした。(この経験の日記を書いた-英語だけ)。 今日ほかの友だちとそこに行った。紅葉狩りしたい、けどちょっと早いだ。少ない木を見つけた。もう少し2、3週間と思う。

山歩きはよかった。町からほらじのお寺まで行った。そしてお寺から山の頂まで行った。 今年は10キロメートルごらいだ(3年前は10キロメートルごらいだけ)。その後、湯谷温泉町へ行って、昼ごはんを食べて、温泉を見つれた。でもはっきりしない理由で入らなかった。 どうしてか、分からない。馬鹿だったと思う。



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