Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pizza / ピザ


my pizzaA Canadian guy and a Taiwanese girl in the dorms wanted to get pizza for dinner tonight, so I joined them. I was wondering what was popular on Japanese pizza, so decided to ask the people at the Pizza Store what the most popular pizza was, and get that. I figured it would be something interesting - for example, when I lived in Korea, it seemed that most pizzas came with slices of potatoes on them.

When I asked what the most popular pizza was, he said teriyaki chicken. So I ordered a small of that one for dinner. No tomato sauce on it - just teriyaki sauce, chicken, lettuce, etc. on a pizza dough. Kind of sweet tasting.

curry pizzaThe others ordered a curry pizza - came with a crust on the bottom and top, with a curry between the two. Interesting.

Both came with little tubs of mayonnaise which you could dunk you pizza in to.

They did have many other flavors, such as corn and sausage (whole little finger sausages). And you could get sausage or cheese rolled into the crust (kind of like stuffed crust in America).

These are my last few days at the school. On Thursday, my girlfriend comes and we travel around Japan for a week. It is likely I won;t have a chance to post any updates then, but will post a lot when I get back to America.


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